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Clandestine Laboratory Remediation

Clandestine Laboratory Remediation

We at Insurance Restorations also provide cleanup and remediation services related with clandestine laboratory. Clandestine laboratories are unfortunate byproducts of modern scientific developments and society’s need for instant and constant gratification. When people resort to manufacturing illcit drugs in a restricted area for the purpose of selling them for financial benefits, it presents significant health and
environmental hazards for the whole community.

In cases like that, federal, state, or local government will intervene to combat those illegal operations and shut them down. To make sure that they don’t possess any safety and environmental risks, the government will work together with companies like Insurance Restorations to do the cleanup and remediation services at those clandestine lab sites.

Our job in those situations would be to assist the government in assessing the hazardous site to know how contaminated they are and do the remediation act if required. The chemicals that are produced during illegal drug manufacture present significant public health scare so should be disposed of only by certified professionals. Our team of experts will assess the level of contamination and take the necessary steps to de-contaminate them.

The steps involved are as follows:

  • Preliminary Site Assessment Work Plan
  • Pre-Remediation Sampling
  • Government approved Cleanup plan
  • Post-Remediation Final Inspection and Clearance Testing
  • Final Report to the Government.

We believe in an illicit drug-free society and will work towards that end. We will work closely with the government to do whatever is necessary to rid our community of illegal drug manufacturing sites.

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