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Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire, whether large or small, can have a devastating effect on you, your property, and your finances. This is because most damage is not done by heat, but by the smoke and the soot generated by a fire. Restorers are professionally trained to identify the extent of fire, smoke, and soot damage, and on the methods of how to return building and contents back to pristine condition. At Insurance Restorations we take great satisfaction in helping folks bounce back from devastating fires as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Why professional fire damage restoration?

Fire damage usually is the result of a kitchen accident or appliance malfunction. When it occurs, it leaves a trail of destruction caused by fire, smoke, and soot, as well as the water or foam that is used to extinguish the flames. Not all fires are the same, and fire damage cleanup techniques will depend on what caused the fire and what was effected. While it is important to act quickly, the wrong course of action may do more harm than good to your property and contents. It is therefore essential to call professionals, experienced in fire damage restoration, who can expertly assess the damage and determine the right restoration approach and methods.

What do we do?

At Insurance Restorations we work hard to help you protect and salvage all manner of building and contents, as well as safely removing the toxins often present in ashes and soot. From big items, like carpets, drapery, and furniture, to sentimental objects such as toys, clothing, and bedding, we strive to bring all of your contents back to how you love them.

When you call us we send a team of professionals to help start getting you back on your feet as soon as possible. Services we can provide include,

  • Detailed inspection and assessment of the fire damage
  • Preliminary make-safe, so that you can continue to live in your house if safe
  • Extraction of water and foam used to extinguish the flames
  • Assess and manifest contents items effected for insurance claims
  • Clean, sanitise, and restore contents items that can be safely restored
  • Carefully dispose of damaged contents, toxic ashes, and other hazardous materials
  • We can also help with detailed estimates for repair and reconstruction, so that you feel well informed going forward

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