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Mould Remediation

Mould Remediation

Why is mould a problem?

Mould might seem like a bit of harmless slime that grows in the corner of the shower, but mould is actually a large family of fungal organisms that can cause serious problems for your home and your health if not adequately addressed.

Mould can quickly spread out of control

Mould thrives in hot, humid, dark places. This means that in the Australian weather it only takes a small water leak to start a mould infestation. Because mould prefers the dark places like wall cavities, behind cabinetry, and under floorboards, by the time it is obvious often you are seeing just the tip of the iceberg.

Dangerous for people

Mould can pose serious health risks to people, especially children and the elderly. The microscopic spores and mycotoxins that moulds produce can cause breathing difficulty, respiratory illnesses, allergic reactions, and even immune disfunction. These health risks are serious enough that the Australian government recently conducted a parliamentary inquiry into mould related biotoxins.

Damaging to property

Because mould is a fungus it biodegrades organic materials such as wood, and is a leading cause of wood rot. If left untreated mould will continue to grow and spread, effecting more of the timber frame of your home, damaging it’s structural integrity.

What should we do?

With much at stake it makes sense to reach out to remediation experts when you discover a mould problem, and at Insurance Restorations we have the experience and the expertise to deal with every dimension of whatever mould problems you are facing.

When you call us, we will be at your doorstep right away to conduct a thorough inspection of your house including all the dark and dank places that are the most fertile breeding ground for mould. Our team of certified professionals will locate the affected areas, isolating and containing them so the threat to health and cross-contamination are neutralised.

We also have the training and the specialist equipment to fully remediate any mould problem. Whether that involves cleaning, anti-microbial treatments, or the removal of contaminated materials, our wealth of experience helps us walk the fine line between comprehensive mould treatment and minimising the cost and the disruption to your family.

Following mould remediation we ensure that we future-proof your home with preventative measures so that mould won’t return, and we can even assist with necessary repairs and reconstruction.

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