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Reasons to choose Insurance Restorations

In today’s restoration and remediation service market, there are so many options to choose from. You are just a click away from getting information on hundreds of companies that provide these services.

So what makes Insurance Restorations special among all those options?

Here are a few reasons why we think we are better than most other options out there.

We are committed to customer satisfaction.

We believe our primary goal is to meet and exceed all our customers’ expectations. We work  to resolve all your fire and water damage and mold issues in a professional manner and would leave no stone unturned to bring your home or office back to normalcy as much as possible. Whether by being reasonably priced or by giving highest quality service, we believe in keeping our cutomers happy so that they would want to come back and do business with us again.

We are locally owned and operated and work with all major insurance companies.

The last thing you want to worry about when you are facing fire and water damage crisis is whether the company you called is going to accept your insurance. We take all the guesswork out by accepting all major insurance companies and would do anything on our part to help you in any way to relieve you of financial burden. We are also locally owned and operated who believe in being a part of each community we work in and giving back to those communities and help them grow.

We are totally committed to safety and security.

All our jobs are done with safety of our customers’ health and property as the topmost concern. All the members of our team are also certified and experienced to do the job in the most secure way. Our team of certified professionals cover all grounds when it comes to handling fire and water damage situations including wearing proper uniforms and properly disposing of the unsalvageable items. When it comes to mold and clandestine laboratory remediation, we perform thorough inspection to make sure that nothing found in the site could possibly lead to health hazards for our customers and employees.

We are professional and on time.

We understand that your time is really valuable so we won’t make you sit and wait around for our services to be available. We will deliver our services on time and and complete the project on the due date. We are also professional who know the value of doing things right so we come to your home fully prepared and fully equipped to deal with all your restoration and remediation problems.

We provide the highest quality service extended by our expert and professional staff

Our team of certified technicians are well equipped and experienced to handle all kinds of restoration and remediation services. When we take upon a project, we ensure that we provide you with the highest quality service when it comes to damage restoration or mold remediation. From the moment we land on your doorstep to the point where the project is completed, we cover all aspects of restoration and remediation job by paying attention to finest of details and resolve all the issues that you are faced with in the most professional way.

We are cost- competitive.

We will never charge you for more than what we work for and what the project costs. We are dedicated to being affordable so that our service won’t be a burden to you financially. We are also transparent and will explain to you all the charges that is on the bill and we will promise our customers to never add any hidden fees to your bills.

Quality, Affordable restoration Services