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Clandestine Laboratory Remediation

Clandestine Laboratory Remediation

How do restorers help?

Being informed by the police that a property has been used to manufacture or grow illicit drugs comes as a horrible shock. Being left with the daunting and confusing responsibility of returning the property to health and safety standards is only made more difficult by the complex requirements in the process.

Comprehensive testing

While there is often substantial debris from a clandestine laboratory operation, much of the damage and danger is invisible to the layman. Dangerous residues and compounds are deposited on ceilings and walls, and embedded in furnishings. Experience and careful sampling are an essential first step to restoring your property for safe habitation.


With many illegal, harmful, and controlled substances around clandestine laboratories, thorough decontamination requires specialised procedures, equipment, and chemicals. Given their danger, even the disposal of these materials is often necessarily controlled.

Health and safety regulations

For obvious reasons, the cleaning and the disposal of labs are subject to stringent health and safety regulations. Understanding and streamlining the post-remediation verification tests is an essential step that any quality restorer will help you prepare for.

What should I do?

With more than one hundred clandestine laboratories decontaminated, we at Insurance Restorations have the experience and knowledge to help you navigate the practical and regulatory maze of returning your property to pristine condition. Services we can help with include,

  • Preliminary site assessment and documentation
  • Pre-remediation sampling and testing
  • Regulatory compliant decontamination plan
  • Post-remediation verification and clearance testing
  • Final report to authorities

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